Reviews for South Hutchinson Island

John ★★★★★

"My wife and I have lived in Florida for over 30 years. During that time we have used several carpet cleaning services. We have lived in Savanna Club for the past 8 years and during that time became acquainted with 'Heaven's Best'. Without a doubt we have come to the conclusion that 'Heaven's best' is by far the best. Larry Justice has a different procedure to anyone we have seen in the past. After spraying and vacuuming he uses a mechanical procedure for buffing the carpets clean using many heavy cloth towels to restore the pile. A dog has lived here for 7 years yet the carpets look like brand new when he is finished. The products he uses leave a pleasant aroma and the carpets are completely dry within an hour of completion. He takes his time and is meticulous with the job. His fees are reasonable and he is always on time. We have been thoroughly satisfied with his services from the very beginning and count ourselves lucky to be on his books."

Barbara ★★★★★

Curtis is an outstanding employee a real gentleman!

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