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Why Choose Heaven’s Best?

Hello, my name is Larry. I would like to introduce you to Heaven’s Best Carpet Cleaning and explain our process of cleaning your carpet. It may be different than what you are use to because we use a low moisture cleaning technique. This is what you can expect when we arrive to clean your carpet.

Our Carpet Cleaning Process

First we vacuum your carpet thoroughly to remove any loose dirt or grit with our commercial vacuum. Then in the traffic lanes and areas with stains, we apply our enzyme to help break down any dirt and grease. After this we apply our cleaner, which is based on orange oil, to the carpet. We then begin the cleaning process by buffing your carpet with turf and cloth cleaning pads, loosening and lifting the dirt from the carpet. After this process we once again buff your carpet, but this time we use heavy towels to remove any remaining dirt and excess moisture from your carpet. Your carpet is usually dry within one hour. And if you have pile type carpeting, we rake the carpet to raise the pile making the carpet look new again.

Why Others Love Heaven’s Best

All of my customers tell me that they love the citrus smell from the cleaners. They say that their carpet smells clean. I’ll let you be the judge of that. Something else about this method that my customers like is that they don’t get their socks wet, no more fans running all night, and the stains that came back after the other carpet cleaners left were gone, this time the stains are really gone for good. So give Heaven’s Best a try and we won’t let you down.


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